Who We Serve

Business PraisePromisas is a business consulting, development, management and marketing firm committed to serve the needs of purposed driven business professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders. Promisas was founded to assist entrepreneurs in developing and building their business with excellence and stability in the Marketplace. At Promisas we are a light, setting an example that the principles and truth we stand on are the foundation for success for any business. We truly believe making a commitment to serve first and to be driven by purpose is what will lead to lasting success.

We are committed to help create wealth for a greater purpose, to assist like minded business professionals the world over to launch successful businesses and enterprises to support the causes of their choosing with passion.

We believe that as purposed driven business professionals we should set the standard that others look to as an example of Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Fairness and Success both in our business and personal lives. We are here to serve!