In today’s competitive job market having a strong work ethic and servants heart can be the difference in getting laid off or keeping the job you have. Many companies are faced with the decision daily on deciding who and what employees to keep. Many times just having more experience is not enough. Companies are realizing that having employees that truly want to serve and have enthusiasm about their work and co-workers is a long term better decision than just keeping the person that has more experience.

As a Christian in the workplace this should mean that you stand a better chance than others who may not have a servants heart in the workplace. However, many Christians often leave their servants heart in the pugh Sunday morning and too often forget to show up on the job with it. Many employers couldn’t identify those that are Christian employees versus those that are not. As believers in the marketplace we should make it impossible for any employer to think of letting us go. Our work ethic and commitment to our superiors should never be questioned. We should be the standard on which every person is compared to in the workplace. After all it is how the scripture says we are to work. Colossians 3:23-24 reminds us that we are to our work as unto the Lord… It is time to ask ourselves are we an expendable to the people we work for or are we priceless?