UP-Purpose-DefinedWTimes are changing; the world has become a global marketplace. This has both its advantages and disadvantages. While the borders of doing commerce have almost been eradicated with the Internet and cloud computing. The challenges of growing and sustaining a business have only become greater as well. Regardless of whether you are competing on a global or local level technology has put business at the fingertips of every consumer worldwide. Your business can now compete and sell products, goods or services globally. While this all sounds exciting there are obviously the hindrances that come along with doing business on this scale or thinking you can.

As a believer how do we fit in with this dynamic? Can or should we be involved in the global marketplace? The answers to these questions are a resounding yes! We should be involved in the global marketplace. We should give God every opportunity to add to our harvest. The question really should NOT be whether or not we should be involved but how do we become involved while keeping our focus and attention on the purpose of the enterprise God has put in our hands. We must be involved in business at whatever level our particular business allows. We must expect God to expand our borders. However, the expansion of our businesses should not come at the cost of violating or manipulating the purpose God has called us to.

As a Christian business professional called to create wealth our focus of providing for the Kingdom must always be at the forefront of all that we do. We must continually stay committed to seek first the voice of God in where and how we do our business. God can lead us into success and away from failures in our business. There may be things that come along in the growth of your business that God may not want you to engage. Many times the reason may not initially be that apparent but you may not see what is coming. Imagine if we were of the many companies that were involved in the Real Estate industry in 2008. Some of us may have been, I believe God sent out warnings to believers that were diligently seeking him of the fall that was coming and many may have gotten out in time. This is what we believe God wants for his people who are purposed to build the Kingdom of God.

Promisas wants to lead you into understanding how you can consecrate your business to the work of the kingdom and see God’s hand in your enterprise. The highs and lows of the market today is like walking thru a mine field. At any given moment one industry or the next can explode leading to success or destruction. It’s time you come to understand as a believer what it means to do business with purpose. God’s Purpose! Allow God to lead you into success and protect your enterprise. Align with Promisas today.