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Promisas is here to serve Entrepreneurs driven by Purpose!
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Do you have a small business? We provide branding, consulting, website, and marketing help. Contact us Today!


Set your business apart with a logo and branding that matches your mission, personality and style.


Want to sell your products or services online? From a simple marketing site to a complex e-commerce store, we can handle it.

Search Results

Build your organic SEO along with paid ads, blogging, and social media posts for increased website traffic.

Expand and create new revenue streams! We'll help you uncover opportunities and develop ways to maximize growth.

Business Start-Up Packages

Have an idea for a new business but not sure where to start? Our turn-key start-up packages will give your business a professional image, marketing strategy and executable launch plan. Let us stand with you and launch your vision.

Basic Package

The Basic business package will deliver to you the most important thing every new business needs. Our team will deliver professional branding and an online presence.

Branding and Identity
Website Development
Mobile Compatibility
Social Media Graphics
Training Videos
1 Month FREE Maintenance

Advanced Package

The Advanced Business Starter Package will deliver all the necessary tools to get your business launched online. Our professional team of Graphic designers, Web developers, Social Media experts, and Marketing Specialist will develop a turn-key solution.

Branding and Identity
Website Development
Mobile compatibility
Basic Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Graphics
Business Card Design
Marketing Consultation
Training (Virtual Meeting & Videos)
6 Months FREE Maintenance

Premium Package

The Premium business package is for any new or existing company that is looking for a comprehensive marketing solution for their business. Our team of developers and consultants will work to deliver an executable marketing strategy that moves you quickly to increasing revenue.

Branding and Identity
Website Development
Mobile compatibility
Basic Search Engine Optimization
2 Months Industry Blog/Post
Social Media Graphics
Business Card Design
Marketing Consultation
Executable Sales Initiative
Training (Virtual Meeting & Videos)

12 Months FREE Maintenance

DIY Website?

Have you decided that you can create and maintain your own website but you’re stuck and just need to ask a question or would like a “How To” video?  We are happy to help with training for WordPress and WooCommerce.  Contact us today!

Social Media Marketing

From strategy, daily posting (creative engaging content, image , and video creation), keyword research, and advertising campaigns; we have the expertise!

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Who Are We?

The Promisas Leadership team has over 20 years of business development and internet/web experience. serving both in the corporate world and non-profit sector "Our desire is to create a firm that will serve your enterprise with professional guidance in business rooted by biblical principals truth and integrity". Our goal is to use our experiences to assist Entrepreneurs driven by purpose to succeed and prosper.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications ("app") create brand awareness, engagement, and customer retention for your nonprofit or company. Get a free quote today!

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels drive more sales online? Generate leads and Pinpoint customer buying behavior with targeted sales funnels. Contact us today!

What Our Clients Say

For almost a decade

The Schlichting Group has utilized Tammy Davis’ website design and services for almost a decade. Tammy has done full overhauls and revamps to our site and is quick to handle turnaround on most of our site tweaks. She understands the design concepts we discuss and is sharp in showing us she can implement or improve on our ideas to improve flow and efficiency.

I have referred her to several clients who have told me they are extremely happy with her work and the speediness of her project completion.

Stephen J. Schlichting

EA Owner

I had very high expectations!

As Executive Director of my company, I had very high expectations for the type of website I wanted to create. I am very pleased with the work done by Tammy Davis.  She was tireless in her effort to create what I had envisioned for our company’s website. Not only was she very knowledgeable and efficient in her work, but she also offered suggestions and creative solutions time and time again throughout the entire process. I was extremely impressed with the quality of work, the customer care, and the meticulous attention to detail. I will surely recommend her to any business associates who are looking for a quality web designer.”

Marty Younkin

Executive Director of LoveNotes Weddings & The Knot Tyers

Beyond the call of duty!

Beyond the call of duty! Over the years we have had our website redesigned many many times. As a non-profit, we didn’t have the largest budget but knew it was important to have a professional presence. We wanted to work with a company that shared our values and could embrace and understand our mission. That is exactly what we found with Promisas. Tammy and her team took the time to get to know everything about our ministry and developed a plan that delivered what we needed.

Pastor Davis

The winds of fortune were in my favor!

The winds of fortune were in my favor when I was given Tammy’s name as a referral.  My company creates marketing strategies, which includes social media marketing and website designs for small businesses.
My previous web designer left me in the middle of several projects. I reached out to Tammy and she jumped right in and created even better sites than the other employee was capable of. Since then, Tammy has designed several more websites for my clients and a blog for me. Her work is outstanding. She is thorough in the knowledge and extremely detail-oriented. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a web design of quality. She will exceed your expectations.

JaLynn West

Marketing Strategist and Blogger

Sales & Marketing

We had everyone telling us what it was we needed to do. We interviewed many companies that told us do this or do that. Only one company took the time before we ever engaged them to ask us what it was we wanted to achieve. Promisas took the time to ask my executive team what challenges each department was having. I have never worked with a consulting firm that took so much time initially prior to ever sending us an invoice just to make sure they could truly help us. I am excited to say we are clients of Promisas LLC and our sales increased in only the second month by 30%. We are grateful and it has been well worth the investment.

Skillfulness with anything website-related is unsurpassed!

Tammy Davis’s skillfulness with anything website-related is unsurpassed! I have had the opportunity to work with other webmasters, but Tammy is the very best, hands down, and I will always choose her over all others. In my work experience with her, I have found she has the following qualities:

• Experience—from years of working on a variety of projects
• Expertise—in all things website-related; a vast knowledge in dealing with multiple issues
• Creativity—artistic design and innovative ideas
• Detailed—nothing gets past her “eagle eye”
• Persistence—never gives up in finding a solution
• Willingness to learn—always open to suggestions or to learn something new
• Patience—in dealing with clients and their idiosyncrasies
• Flexibility—when she or the client has to go to plan B
• Honest—in giving feedback
• Servant’s heart—always wants to please the client; she does whatever it takes to make them happy

Whatever your website needs are, Tammy will get the job done the way you want!

Carol Sage

President & Founder LoveNotes Weddings

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